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All customers ordering, and to whom have ordered with Hammerweld Industries, the company and or individual(s) placing such order(s) agree to the following terms and conditions:

Service or repair of any torch, regulator, flow meter, mig gun or air tool should be preformed only by a qualified service technician. Improper service or repair, or modification of the equipment could result in damage to the equipment or even injury to the operator.

Replacement parts must be installed correctly and properly tested, failure to do so may result in a product that may perform less than satisfactory. If replacement parts are correctly installed by a non-service technician, the product may still fail to perform satisfactorily if it contains other parts that were not replaced during repair that contain contaminants (i.e. dirt, grease), or corroded or even worn parts. Improper repairing procedures and neglect may cause damage (i.e. broken seal, worn threads), which may cause severe bodily injury, damage to your surroundings, and even death.

Because of the aforementioned, Hammerweld Industries assumes no responsibility or liability for performance of products repaired in the field, and not directly by Hammerweld Industries. It is understood that the person or organization ordering any product(s) from Hammerweld Industries, repairing the product assumes total responsibility and liability for performance of the product.

Hammerweld Industries makes no warranties either express or implied covering the performance of any product which has been repaired in the field.
Hammerweld Industries specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability of fitness for such products.

Using aftermarket parts, modification and interchanging certain parts may void any warranty by an original Manufacturer.


By placing an order with Hammerweld Industries, the company and or individual(s) placing the order has read, and thoroughly understands, agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions of Hammerweld Industries, a division of Inner-Tech Systems.


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