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  For those of you who are avid handymen, and prefer to do repairs on your own, we have a minor selection of rebuild kits that contain OEM parts. Each of our Hammerweld Repair Kits come with schematics, instructions, and a legal disclaimer. Hammerweld recommends any repair to any apparatus be done by a trained professional who understands the proper breakdown, repair, rebuild, and testing procedures. If you order a kit, do not contact Hammerweld for step-by-step instructions while you are attempting to do the repair yourself. We are a full service repair facility, with technicians repairing all day long. If you are attempting to repair and you are unsuccessful, then get one of our repair work order forms and ship it to us. Although these kits provided are new and contain OEM parts, we highly recommend to consider allowing Hammerweld to do your repair(s) beforehand. Hammerweld does not guarantee any results of your in-the-field repair, nor the repair kit period. If you have any doubt about self-repair, leave it to the professionals and let Hammerweld take care of it. For those of you WHO ARE professional rebuilders, we are the first to offer three level of repair kits. Low, mid, and upper level kits for the advanced rebuild are available, so pay a visit to our online store.  

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