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  Hammerweld Industries repairs all makes and models of Torches, Regulators, Flow Meters, Mig Guns, and Air Tools. Hammerweld obtains approved and updated manuals, as well as an inventory of many popular OEM parts. Our service technicians are very skilled and we maintain an excellent repair reputation. No repairs are ever returned in a defective state. If your repairs are determined to be excessive and would not be cost effective to you as a customer, you are then notified and consulted. Our turn around time is uncanny, because we understand that a investment in your business is in our posession. Repairs are usually either back in your posession or shipped out within a few business days. Some items that we receive may fall under unusual circumstances bearing custom modifications (i.e. tip brand modification, body modification), and may take longer than our standard turn around time. You are always welcome to contact us to speak directly to a Hammerweld Representative specifically about your repair. We are a full service repair center and welcome all brands of American Standards for repair!  

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