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Hammerweld has the expertise, approved and updated manuals, and OEM parts. We carry a large inventory of repair parts for all brands of torches. Our service technicians only use the highest quality parts. All repairs are buffed, cleaned, and painted for a new look appearance. All work is guaranteed... so give us a try next time you need a rebuild of your apparatus and you will see why others keep coming back to Hammerweld. For TORCHES, all components of the apparatus are identified, making sure that the proper OEM parts are intact. It is thoroughly inspected for any damages to moving parts as well as the base structure itself, fully repaired, return shipped in sealed plastic to avoid any contaminants.
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Typical Repair: **Additional Repair (if cost effective):
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Re-seat the Head Replace worn Head


Replace all O-Rings Replace the Mixer
Replace the Tip Nuts Replace high pressure seats
  Check valves / Properly seated Replace valve body
  Ream hose connections Replace stems
  Miscellaneous Parts  
Water & Flame Test

**You will be contacted directly by a Hammerweld Technician to determine cost effective measures if your apparatus requires additional repair other than normal.

Stamped for tracking
Return shipped in sealed plastic to avoid any contamination elements
What is guaranteed? Torches, Regulators & Other Specified Equipment that have been repaired or refurbished, by Hammerweld Industries. Aside the factory guarantee and warranties, Hammerweld guarantees all repair work for a term of 30 days. This guarantee applies only during normal use and care and is absolutely void if the product is misused, neglected, damaged, altered, or repaired by someone other than Hammerweld Industries.

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